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Use the issue tracker

If you have any

  • question about mizer,
  • problem while using mizer,
  • report of a bug in mizer,
  • idea for something that could be added or made better in mizer,

please do not hesitate letting us know by creating a new issue at Or you can drop us a line at or make a post on the size-spectrum discussion group.

Improve the documentation

Errors, shortcomings or any comment on the documentation can also be submited as an issue in the issue tracker.

In case you know how to correct the error or make the improvement yourself, you can also help us by editing the page. At the top of most documentation pages there is a link to the page source on GitHub. There the page will have an “Edit this file” button that looks like a pencil. Click this an edit the page. When you save your edits GitHub guides you through the process of creating a pull request for your edits, which will make it super-easy for us to merge your suggestions.

So even small contributions like the removal of a simple typo are very welcome.

Contribute an example

If you have set up a mizer model for your area of interest or your research question, please share it with us. The best place to do that is in the MizerExamples package. Start by creating an issue at that package’s issue tracker or just send an email to We will then discuss how to best integrate your example into that package to make it useful to others.

Contribute code

We are more than happy to receive pull requests if you have new code or a bug fix. Your contribution will be appreciated by the community. If it is a new feature, the best place to submit it is as a pull request to the MizerExperimental package. There the feature can mature until it is ready to be incorporated either into the core mizer package or into one of its extension packages.

Increase mizer usage and awareness

Do not forget to mention the use of mizer in any of your documents and publications. Use


to get citation info for the main reference for mizer. You can also link to our website so readers can find out more about the project.