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Helper function that returns an array (species x size) of boolean values indicating whether that size bin is within the size limits specified by the arguments. Either the size limits can be the same for all species or they can be specified as vectors with one value for each species in the model.


  min_w = min(params@w),
  max_w = max(params@w),
  min_l = NULL,
  max_l = NULL,



MizerParams object


Smallest weight in size range. Defaults to smallest weight in the model.


Largest weight in size range. Defaults to largest weight in the model.


Smallest length in size range. If supplied, this takes precedence over min_w.


Largest length in size range. If supplied, this takes precedence over max_w.




Boolean array (species x size)

Length to weight conversion

If min_l is specified there is no need to specify min_w and so on. However, if a length is specified (minimum or maximum) then it is necessary for the species parameter data.frame to include the parameters a and b that determine the relation between length \(l\) and weight \(w\) by $$w = a l^b.$$

It is possible to mix length and weight constraints, e.g. by supplying a minimum weight and a maximum length, but this must be done the same for all species. The default values are the minimum and maximum weights of the spectrum, i.e., the full range of the size spectrum is used.