An internal function. Sets up a valid MizerParams object with all the slots initialised and given dimension names, but with some slots left empty. This function is to be used by other functions to set up full parameter objects.

  gear_params = data.frame(),
  no_w = 100,
  min_w = 0.001,
  max_w = NA,
  min_w_pp = 1e-12



A data frame of species-specific parameter values.


A data frame with gear-specific parameter values.


The number of size bins in the consumer spectrum.


Sets the size of the eggs of all species for which this is not given in the w_min column of the species_params dataframe.


The largest size of the consumer spectrum. By default this is set to the largest w_inf specified in the species_params data frame.


The smallest size of the resource spectrum.


An empty but valid MizerParams object

Size grid

A size grid is created so that the log-sizes are equally spaced. The spacing is chosen so that there will be no_w fish size bins, with the smallest starting at min_w and the largest starting at max_w. For the resource spectrum there is a larger set of bins containing additional bins below min_w, with the same log size. The number of extra bins is such that min_w_pp comes to lie within the smallest bin.

Changes to species params

The species_params slot of the returned MizerParams object may differ from the data frame supplied as argument to this function because default values are set for missing parameters.

See also

See newMultispeciesParams() for a function that fills the slots left empty by this function.