mizerMR 0.0.3

mizerMR 0.0.2

  • setMultipleResources() now adds to the extensions field in params metadata.
  • plotDietMR() is a replacement for plotDiet() that works with multiple resources.
  • setMultipleResources()now sets the inital_n_ppslot to zero so that there are no spurious contributions to getDiet() for example.
  • The functions extracting information from MizerParams or MizerSim objects now all fall back onto core mizer functions when called with objects for which no multiple resources have been set up.
  • The resource params are now saved in the @other_params slot instead of the resource_params slot to avoid breaking core mizer code.

mizerMR 0.0.1

  • First functional version of package, ready for testing.