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This is an extension package for the mizer package ( that contains additional features contributed by the mizer community. These features can then be further improved while being used by the community. Once matured, frequently-used features can be moved to the core mizer package.

If you have code for working with mizer that you feel might be useful to other mizer users, please describe it in a new issue on the issue tracker and we’ll comment on how it can be included in this package.


You can install the development version of mizerExperimental from GitHub with


If this gives an error saying “there is no package called remotes” then you also need to do


before trying again to install mizerExperimental.

You may be prompted to update some of your existing packages. The one package that you should always update is the mizer package, because the mizerExperimental package will always be designed to work with the most recent released version of mizer.