Marks the specified set of species as background species. Background species are handled differently in some plots and their abundance is automatically adjusted in addSpecies() to keep the community close to the Sheldon spectrum.

markBackground(object, species)



An object of class MizerParams or MizerSim.


Name or vector of names of the species to be designated as background species. By default this is set to all species.


An object of the same class as the object argument


# \dontrun{ params <- newMultispeciesParams(NS_species_params_gears, inter)
#> Note: No h provided for some species, so using f0 and k_vb to calculate it.
#> Note: Because you have n != p, the default value is not very good.
#> Note: No ks column so calculating from critical feeding level.
#> Note: Using z0 = z0pre * w_inf ^ z0exp for missing z0 values.
#> Note: Using f0, h, lambda, kappa and the predation kernel to calculate gamma.
sim <- project(params, effort=1, t_max=20, t_save = 0.2, progress_bar = FALSE) sim <- markBackground(sim, species = c("Sprat", "Sandeel", "N.pout", "Dab", "Saithe")) plotSpectra(sim)
# }