Check validity of resource parameters and set defaults for missing but required parameters

validResourceParams(resource_params, min_w)



The user-supplied resource parameter data frame


The smallest allowed resource size


A valid resource parameter data frame

This function throws an error if

  • the resource column does not exist or contains duplicates

  • w_min is not smaller than w_max

  • w_min is smaller than min_w

  • any parameter is negative

It sets default values if any of the following are missing or NA

  • kappa is set to 0.1

  • lambda is set to 2.05

  • r_pp is set to 4

  • w_min is set to min_w

  • w_max is set to 10

  • n is set to 2/3

  • dynamics is set to semichemostat

  • colour is drawn from a colour-blind-friendly palette

  • linetype is set to "solid"

If resource_params was provided as a tibble it is converted back to an ordinary data frame.