Takes two data frames with plotting data and displays them side-by-side, using the same axes and legend.

displayFrames(f1, f2, params, xlab = NA, ylab = NA, y_ticks = 6)



Data frame for left plot


Data frame for right plot


A MizerParams object


Label for x-axis. Defaults to first variable name.


Label for y-axis. Defaults to third variable name.


The approximate number of ticks desired on the y axis


ggplot2 object


The two data frames each need to have the same three variables. The first variable will go on the x-axis, the third on the y-axis with a logarithmic scale. The second variable should be the species and will be used to group the data and display with the linetype and linecolour specified by the linetype and linecolour slots of the params object.

The recommended way is to obtain the data frames using one of the supplied functions, e.g., getBiomassFrame, getSSBFrame.

See also

plotting_functions, getBiomassFrame, getSSBFrame

Other frame functions: getBiomassFrame(), getSSBFrame()

Other plotting functions: animateSpectra(), plotYieldVsF()


if (FALSE) { # Set up example MizerParams and MizerSim objects params <- suppressMessages(newMultispeciesParams(NS_species_params_gears, inter)) sim0 <- project(params, effort=0, t_max=20, progress_bar = FALSE) sim1 <- project(params, effort=1, t_max=20, progress_bar = FALSE) # Display biomass from each simulation next to each other displayFrames(getBiomassFrame(sim0), getBiomassFrame(sim1), params) }